Wood Floor Sanding

Wood floor sanding is only the first stage of the wood floor restoration process as it only makes the surface smooth clean and flat by removing the protective layer which was previously applied such as varnish, oils or wax. Sometimes older floorboards or parquet blocks may need to be re-fitted or entirely replaced if parts of the floor have been damaged due to moisture. Solid wood flooring can be sanded down to restore the finish. The number of times is determined by how deep the tongue is set from the top of the board.

As you can see from the before and after pictures in our gallery, Premium Flooring Solutions can deliver beautifully finished floors, and with maintenance, your refurbished floor should out-last any laminate or carpet.

Nothing can compare with the renovated look of your old hard wood flooring. The authentic feeling of the old, dry timber that has gone through the restoration process of floor sanding cannot be replaced by any type of newly laid solid wood floors or parquet flooring.

Over the years we have been called in to lots of jobs that have been poorly done. Many times heartbroken clients have just had a terrible job done by someone “having a go”.
Perhaps they got a carpenter to fit out their house and then decided to get them to do the floor as well, with disastrous results. The carpenter perhaps using dodgy hire equipment and then applying poorly understood finishes will always produce a badly finished floor, anyone doing the sanding work as a sideline to their main trade cannot match the standards of ‘Premium Flooring Solutions’, time and time again we get called out to put these mistakes right.

Don’t take that risk !– We have built our business and our reputation on delivering the perfect job

at a reasonable price, with no fuss. Therefore you don’t need to make that mistake. Call us now!

Our Wood Floor Sanding Projects

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Our services

  • Restoring / wood floor sanding;
  • Staining wood floors;
  • Oiling wood floors;
  • Sealing wood floors;
  • Gap filling;
  • Replacing floor boards with reclaimed wood;
  • Restoring existing parquet block flooring;
  • Staining parquet block floors;
  • Sealing wood floors;
  • Repairs for parquet blocks;
  • Repairs for any wood floors.

About wood floor sanding

Before SandingAfter Sanding

At Premium Flooring Solutions we are using the best wood floor sanding machines and technologies that give a great smooth finish to the floor. The result will be just amazing wood floors as a foundation for your home’s interior.

Sanding the floor

Sanding is one of the most important steps in wood floor restoration. Therefore expert sanding is often what separates acceptable results from beautiful results.

Staining The Floor

Staining a wood floor is difficult, meticulous work that required experience and technique. Often with unpredictable results as there are many variables that can make staining go wrong. When it does go wrong, the only solution is to re-sand the floor and start the process all over again. Success will also depend on what type of wood your floor is. There are some timbers that don’t take stain well and become patchy.

There are many different types of wood floor stains on the market. Therefore, we have to select best product for the best result for each floor.  There are also oils that can be used with lacquer to give the floor the oil finish with the strength given by the lacquer.

Lacquering the floor

We will finish the floor is finished off with 3 coats of high-quality lacquer. The seal will close all pores and protects the wood floor for a long time against stains and everyday wear. For commercial premises and high traffic areas we recommend a hight traffic lacquer. The high traffic lacquer gives your floor superior resistance to scratches, chemicals and black heel marks.