Parquet Flooring Sanding and Installation

Oak parquet floor is the modern equivalent of the most popular species of traditional parquet flooring. New Oak parquet has a lighter to mid-brown colouring in comparison to its reclaimed counterpart, and it suit better in most modern-day interiors.

Oak parquet flooring is commonly available in varying sizes and grades.We can source other types of wood parquet blocks upon request.

Reclaimed oak parquet blocks offers richness in colour and a finish that is not achievable with new oak parquet. Whether laid in traditional herringbone style or more contemporary brickwork fashion, reclaimed oak parquet is one of the most popular choices for block flooring. Seasoned old oak parquet develops a rich golden honey brown colouring over the years. This is a feature that is imitated by staining and aging new oak, but this method cannot reach the depth of colour and individuality of re-laid reclaimed parquet.

Parquet floors are labour intensive to fit and therefore it is not uncommon for installation fees to outweigh the cost of the parquet flooring itself. Here at Premium Flooring Solutions we have experienced parquet floor installers, who will use their skills to provide you with a truly amazing floor.

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Our services for new parquet blocks

Parquet Flooring
  • Preparing sub-floor ready for the parquet blocks to be laid;
  • Parquet blocks installation;
  • Gap Filling
  • Sanding parquet floors;
  • Staining parquet block floors;
  • Sealing wood floor
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Our services for old parquet blocks

  • Repairs to the subfloor;
  • Lifting and cleaning block;
  • Supply of reclaimed replacement blocks;
  • Parquet block re-fit;
  • Gap filling
  • Sanding parquet floors;
  • Staining parquet block floors;
  • Sealing wood floor
parquet floor beforeparquet floor after